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Your Tech Department is a small, veteran owned, Technology consulting firm. Officially, Your Tech Department has been providing services to small and mid-sized businesses and organizations for over 10 years, but we have our roots in consulting firms that go back almost 30 years. All of our staff have experience working in large scale enterprise organizations, like Equifax, Acxiom, Clairol, William Pitt Sotheby’s Real Estate, Fuji and more. But we still treat our customers like family and friends. Even before the official start of Your Tech Department, we have been working with VOIP phone systems and cloud based systems, and bringing them to our clients. Your Cloud Phone is a division we started a few years ago that allows us to sharpen the focus we have on phones, and help people find the right cloud based phone system for them.

Our in house team knows a lot... but the first lesson we learned when started was that we can't know the solution to every problem. So, we have a rolodex full of excellent vendors that specialize in all the different fields that are required for any special projects that might arise. We interface and manage any project that requires outside coordination.

We have clients from 50 person law offices to 3 person accounting firms. We especially enjoy working with startups and non-profits. We support religious and secular non-profits including synagogues and churches, local chamber of commerce, community centers, mediation firms and a 9/11 charity. As we develop this new website, we will have testimonials posted, and also can provide a number of references from clients in any sector.

We believe in a solid work/life balance. The owner and COO, Ari Sam Disraelly, comes from a family with a long legacy of technology, along with charitable giving and community service. His parents ran a successful technical consulting firm for years, d'SAR Company, and wrote some of the first software ever utilized to track real estate properties and clients on the island of Manhattan in the 70's.

Experience and Past Performance
As stated above, we have over 50 clients, with a majority of them on VOIP or cloud based phone systems that we have provided, installed, configured or support. Most of them are also on networks we have built from the ground up. When we put in a system, it works, and people come back to us when it’s time to upgrade. With only one exception that we know of, every single company that has moved to a phone system we have installed is still using that phone system, or a system that we have recommended them upgrading to, with some relationships lasting longer than 10 years. We plan for as many contingencies as we can think of, and try to make sure there are as few surprises as possible. We help budget for those eventualities as well. We have helped build first offices, and second offices. When it comes to your business, pretty much everything you are facing right now, we have already done for others.

To us, relationships are everything, so we keep our word, and make sure to hit our deadlines, even if it means working late nights or over weekends. For our clients, we want them to not just think of us as vendors, but as part of their team. We fight to get the most out of every last penny the client spends, especially with our non-profits. We also have relationships with our vendors that exceed the normal “partner” relationship. In the past, we have been able to secure discounts on phone hardware for non-profit clients, and in one special case, we were able to negotiate completely free phone hardware by getting the vendor to donate them to the non-profit in response to the non-profit signing a 3 year contract for service.

Organization and Personnel
We are a small consulting firm, 5 regular staff members, a number of freelancers, and a large number of vendors and subcontractors. Our leadership team and core all have experience in larger, enterprise organizations and the IT departments that support them, and that is how we are set up. When the CEO of a big company needs a printer, he doesn’t do the research, go to Staples, buy the printer and set it up for himself. He calls his Director of IT, and says, “I need a printer.” That’s how we work as well. The COO brings his military background to the company and encourages delegation from clients to our team here at Your Tech Department.

We have email and website based ticketing systems for tracking incidents that require resolution, and tools built into our networks that allow us to be notified in some cases as soon as any kind of network interruption might occur. We will be timely with the setup of your system, and if any questions or problems occur we will be responsive in addressing them, either remotely or onsite.

Community Service and Engagement
On the community service front, the family ties are just as strong, and go pretty far back. The CEO's paternal grandfather was an elected official in Florida while his maternal grandparents were business people who believed in giving back and were pillars of their religious community near Boston. Those grandparents helped start a religious temple, school and community center in the area. His parents followed in their footsteps being active in secular and religious community service organizations in the Stamford and Greater Fairfield County area for the last 40 years.

Our CEO, Ari Sam joined the Navy at 17, four days after high school graduation. After finishing his time with the Navy, he worked heavily in the public sector… working his way up as he worked through school: as a lifeguard, lifeguard instructor, a CPR instructor training other Professional Rescuers, a firefighter and 911 call-taker and dispatcher. Somewhere along the line, he was reminded that his parents had given him technology skills that he could use those to help people as well. We sincerely hope we can be of service to you.

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