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Keep your company moving and employees productive with Cloud Based VOIP Phones and Computer Services from Your Tech Department and Your Cloud Phone

The country's biggest companies are telling their employees to work from home: Amazon, Google, Facebook & Microsoft are all telling their employees to work from home They can only do this because they have the flexible, cloud based infrastructure in place. Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone systems, Remote terminal services to employee's desktops, cloud based file sharing, and more, including the security to keep those home offices AND the offices where everything is based protected while being accessed safely from the outside. At Your Tech Department, this is what we were founded for, and what we specialize in. Bringing the features of big business enterprise to the small and medium businesses.

Is your small-midsized business ready for what is coming? Schools are already closing for a day at a time, and weeks may be next, leaving your employees needing to be able to work from home. Just over the border in NY, it's already starting to happen: Coronavirus School Closings: New Rochelle District Will Likely Shut Down For Weeks, Governor Says ( Will your phones continue to ring if no one is in the office to pick them up? Can you afford that?

You can upgrade to a VOIP system quickly, in many cases we can get you up and running in 24-48 hours, with temporary options and solutions while permanent upgrade hardware is on order (permanent hardware orders can take up to a week). And don't forget, VOIP phone systems often pay for themselves over time with savings effected over traditional phone systems. Even if you're not ready to convert to a whole new phone system, we can extend existing systems with remote auto-attendants and the ability to direct calls to your existing system, and existing landlines (like home phones) and employee cell phones, all at the same time.

We'll be happy to come meet with you (or talk on the phone), discuss your specific needs: phone systems, remote desktop work solutions, security upgrades, infrastructure changes, or cloud based storage solutions, even laptop purchases. We give you options and educate you on what is out there, and when you pick a direction, we are there every step of the way to help you implement it. Especially when it comes to your phone system. We'll recommend some options of amazing, top-tier cloud phone vendors, you make the final decision that's right for you, and we'll make the introduction, help you through the ordering process, and help get you set up. You'll buy the hardware directly from the vendor, but our consulting and setup labor time is 100% barter. If network upgrades are recommended, hardware purchases are on a cash basis, but all labor is 100% on barter. We have specialized in helping and keeping people productive and working from the road (& home) for over 20 years. Let us help you.

Call us now so we can help you prepare for the uncertain times coming, and help your company evolve for the non-emergency days ahead too. Our office number is always: 203.883.0000 But for this special promotion, call Sam directly: 203.883.0001 on his personal line, and don't worry about wading through auto-attendants.

Stay safe.

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