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In the last couple of years, the online work environment has changed completely.

Not long ago, SPAM was a minor nuisance, viruses were occasional, and spyware (software that tracks your activity) was something you only got if you used Kazaa....

Now there's a veritable flood of SPAM, automated hacking programs are scanning networks twenty-four hours a day looking for vulnerabilities, new viruses appear daily and malicious spyware is dispensed invisibly from websites everywhere.

At Your Tech Department, we have made the battle against these attacks a central part of our effort. We can assist you in selecting and configuring an appropriate firewall, protecting against viruses and spyware, and limiting the amount of SPAM you receive.

We highly recommend taking proactive steps before any problems occur - we've seen a number of instances where systems were damaged or rendered unusable when some simple steps might have eliminated the threat.

Don't wait! Call us for a thorough analysis of your security needs and status.

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